Stay On Course.

Stay On Course.

Point a compass in the right direction and it will faithfully  you there.  Let
takeConsumer Directions be your compass when it comes to marketing strategy and market research.

  Consumer Directions put you on the road to business marketing success. Consumer Directions is a full-service marketing and qualitative market research company.  Our core business is in providing decision makers with valuable insights into consumer preferences and behavior, and in assisting them to effectively incorporate this information into enlightened strategy development and marketing plan implementation.

Smart businesses identify market opportunities ahead of the competition by anticipating consumer needs.  In the business world, thoughtful strategy development and innovative marketing begin and end with the consumer in mind.  By carefully identifying, and properly interpreting, consumer needs and desires, companies stand a much better chance of developing successful new products and services more often. In creating targeted communications and carefully-researched advertising tactics, organizations are more likely to consistently call the consumer to action. The company that asks for - and follows - consumer directions, is in a good position to recognize superior market opportunities in a timely fashion, and to gain and sustain long-term competitive advantage in the market place.